As luck would have it my first post is not about sewing, but plants. I will begin by disclosing that the below image is not my work. It is currently nighttime and I have zero desire to go outside in the cold to take a photograph of my work. They will have to be attached at a later date. However, the image below is an excellant example of what not to do when making a terrarium.

Terrariums are typically fully enclosed miniature greenhouses. They are a way for us to bring the outdoors inside, without the mess of large houseplants. Essentially the concept of the terrarium allows us to act like the creator of a micro-universe. Like with all universes there are rules:

1) Succulents do not make good fully enclosed terrarium plants. Wikipedia has a great and confusing definition of the succulent (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succulent_plant). All you need to know is that they are desert plants and have evolved to withstand water shortages. Thus the humid, damp environment of a fully enclosed terrarium will kill the succulent, a great waste of your time and the plant’s life.

At this point you might be gravely disappointed, as I was, because for some reason succulents are the smallest plants available in a local nursery. I had to compromise my desire for a miniature world with the reality that a succulent just would not make a good terrarium plant. So I used this setback as an excellent excuse to go out and find a new jar.

2) I will not bore you with the details on how to put together a terrarium. All you need to do is “Google: Terrarium” and 11 million hits will populate in your search results. I will, however, give you a helpful hint: buy a terrarium kit. The kit includes everything, except for the plants, in quantities that you will use. Nobody wants a 12 pounds of potting soil when all they needed was a cup or two.

3) If you decide to create a succulent terrarium, you cannot use the kit. Succulents require special cacti potting soil: light, sandy, and porous with heavy bits of organic matter for optimum drainage.  Also if you do decide to create a succulent terrarium pick a jar that will give your succulents plenty of light, air and soil drainage.



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