Zucchini Butter

I work in patent litigation. I try really hard to be creative, but I often find that the attempt to even think creative drives me to despair. I know that my (creative) time is finite so whatever it is I sew, paint, draw, must be the best piece of sewing, drawing, or painting. This is undoubtably a very unhealthy way of approaching creativity, but after the never ending doldrums of patent litigation I find that I yearn for instant creative gratification the same way that junkies must yearn for that hit of heroine. So sadly I just avoid, needle, brush and pen.

There is one area of my life which isn’t completely devoid of energy: my food life. I have to eat that is a fact of life. I refuse however to fall back on my college meals of yore. You all know what I mean: the endless pasta… the… the… yeah that. So the little energy I have I throw into my meals. I don’t necessarily mean slaving over the stove for an additional three hours after work, but discovering quick meals that look like I devoted three hours to them. I’m a foodie, what can I say.

My new food love isĀ Food52. One day I opened my email and magically, as if it knew I was desperate, there was an email entitled, “Food 52: Weekly Digest”. I don’t recall signing up for this digest, but I genuinely did not care. This blog is the answer to all my foodie supplications: crafty, easy, chic, delicious.

Today I am sharing with you the absolutely amazing and quick zucchini butter. The full recipe can be found here: Zucchini Butter

They obtained their recipe from Jennie Cook featured in her book The Kitchn

Makes about 2 generous cups

2 pounds zucchini or assorted summer squash (more or less I used 5 zucchinis and was overflowing with “butter”)
1/4 cup olive oil or butter (I eye judged the olive oil just enough to cover the pan)
2 minced shallots, garlic, or both ( I used both)
Dill fresh or dried (my addition)
Salt and pepper

I followed their suggestion and let my zucchinis caramelize. Heaven. Pile your butter high on rustic toast, add a fresh tomato and (butter) fried egg and you have a meal that makes you look like a million bucks. Enjoy.

(If my camera worked you’d get an artsy image as it is use your